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New generation vertical packing machine for “difficult” laminated materials and specialized pack types such as Doypack®

New generation vertical packing machine for specialized pack types made of “difficult” laminated materials (e.g. laminated with aluminum or paper layers) or Doypack® style bags, with or without zip. Servo drives guarantee the perfect synchronization between film pulling, jaws closing and square bottom device.

General Features:

> Frame fully made of AISI304 stainless steel. Apart from this, all groups consisting the machine are made of anodized aluminum alloy compatible with FDA standards (non contamination and easy sanitation).

> Fully servodriven function. Perfect coordination and accuracy.

> Mechanic (not pneumatic) sealing jaws, faster and more efficient.

> Automatic centering of pulling belts.

> Siemens/ Allen Bradley PLC. 100 program memories.

> 7’’ colour touch screen.

> Encoder for bag length control.

> Compressed air circuit with a low pressure alarm (on screen).

> Electronic box with high quality parts, according to EU safety directives. 24 Volts circuit.

> Made in Europe.

Optional, on order:

> Printer.

> Photocell for printed film.

> MAP packaging, vacuum packaging.

> Automatic film centering.

> Square bottom.

> Stabilo bags.

> A whole series of other extras or specific adaptations.

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