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Stickpack STP-450
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Large capacity stickpack machine

Stickpack machine is a vertical form fill and seal machine incorporating new levels of technology, reliability and versatility at an affordable price.
Incorporating servo motor and pneumatic systems, the Stickpack STP-450 machine is easy to use and maintain. Controlled by simple to operate PLC software, keeping mechanical adjustment to a minimum and preventing expensive downtime. Number of tubes: 5 to 10.

Products to packaged:

Liquid and paste products: sauces, mayo, ketchup, mustard, syrup, liquid soap, shampoo, etc. Granulated and powder products: salt, sugar, dry creamer, coffee, tee, spices, non-food products.

General Features:

> Stainless Steel AISI 304 as standard equipment
> Compact design with easy to build accessories
> High accessibility of mechanical parts
> High performances (up to 80 bpm), capacity up to 800 pack/min
> Easy to change bag length
> Axis servo (film pulling)


> Multiline dating equipment
> Easy open systems
> Various seal patterns and shapes
> Separate cutting station
> Tube and collar set to customers specification
> Input feeder conveyor
> Output counting conveyors systems
> Checking weighers and rejection
> Empty stick detection and rejection
> Dust-exhausting device
> Many others on demand

Packaging Materials
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